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What should be paid attention to when using high-quality bearings in the main engine
Before understanding how to use high-quality bearings, we must first know what a bearing is. The editor tells you that it is an important basic and low part of various mechanical equipment. Its accuracy, performance, life and reliability have an impact on the accuracy, performance, and life of the host. And reliability plays a decisive role. We must ensure that high-quality bearings play a role in the main engine, ensure that the bearing cage correctly guides the rolling elements, does not drop or clamp the rolling elements, the pocket clearance is appropriate, the rotation is flexible, and there is no blocking phenomenon.
High-quality bearing installation knowledge
Whether the bearing is installed well or not will affect the accuracy, life and performance of the bearing. Therefore, please fully study the installation of the bearing, that is, please install the bearing in accordance with the operating standards including the following items.
Seven measures can improve the reliability of engine main shaft bearings
The main shaft bearing in the engine is a particularly important component. Once the main shaft bearing fails, it will directly cause the engine to stop running. In order to improve the reliability of the engine, we must take certain measures to improve the efficiency of the bearing. Based on the understanding of all aspects of bearing knowledge, China Bearing Network will share with you, we can consider from seven aspects, which can improve the reliability of the main shaft bearing of the engine.
Maintenance of precision bearings
Before assembling the precision bearing, the support should be dealt with to remove the stress, thereby reducing the deformation of the bearing support, and the contact surface of the support and the bearing must be cleaned up during assembly. And the bearing must be hoisted or stored horizontally, never vertical hoisting or a kind of storage to avoid deformation.
The clearance of the vacuum pump bearing
The radial clearance of the vacuum pump bearing refers to the bearing that can bear radial load in the non-preloaded state. The radial clearance is: along any angular direction in the radial direction, when there is no external load, the outer ring is relative to the inner An arithmetic average of the radial distance that the circle moves from a radial eccentric position to the opposite position.
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