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Slew bearings with an outer diameter of 5300mm are exported to Russia

On July 1, a set of outer diameter 5300mm bearings was sent to Russia, refreshing a new record for exports to Eastern Europe and Central Asia. This time, a set of internal tooth bearings with an outer diameter of 5300mm are exported to Russia and the tooth accuracy level is required to be 7, which is used for the main shaft bearings of 10 meters shield machine. ​ Russia is the largest country in the world, spanning the two continents of Europe and Asia, the total amount of basic engineering construction is large, and the demand for construction machinery and equipment is strong. In the early stage of the project, the customer visited our factory many times to visit and discuss the technical agreement. After 100 days of processing and production, it was finally delivered to the customer on time. LYJW has more than 10 years of rich experience in the research and development and manufacturing of super large slewing bearings, and has been leading the development of the industry. The design and development, manufacturing process and testing technology are at the leading level in China and have reached the international advanced level.
26 2023/07

LYJW participates in the 2023 Russian CTT Exhibition

LYJW participates in the 2023 Russian CTT Exhibition
31 2023/05

Large non-standard customized bearing outer diameter 5100mm

Recently, Luoyang Jiawei Bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has completed a set of large non-standard customized slewing bearings. The bearings are for the main machine manufacturer's own use. After passing the inspection and acceptance at the factory, the bearings were delivered to the site smoothly.
11 2021/11

Equipment maintenance rules

(1) Before operating the equipment, employees should participate in equipment safety operation regulations and maintenance knowledge training, and can only operate on the machine after obtaining the operation certificate.
08 2021/06

The role and use of tapered roller bearings

Tapered roller bearings are mainly subjected to combined radial and axial loads based on the radial direction. The bearing capacity depends on the raceway angle of the outer ring, the larger the angle, the greater the bearing capacity. This type of bearing is a separable bearing, which is divided into single-row, double-row and four-row tapered roller bearings according to the number of rows of rolling elements in the bearing.
26 2021/06
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