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We produce and process according to the model selected by the customer, and we can also customize the product according to the actual demand, or upgrade the existing rotary structure of the host.


1)Quality control:The company conducts product quality control in strict accordance with the requirements of the ISO9001-2015 international quality management system. Every processing procedure from raw materials to finished products is tested, and detailed written records and reports are formed to facilitate each The quality of a product can be controlled and tracked.

2)Progress control: Each production process is strictly controlled in accordance with the ISO9001-2015 international quality management system to ensure that the product can be completed within the agreed time.

3)Packing and delivery:The products that pass the inspection must be cleaned, greased, coated with anti-rust oil, and packed, and then packed into fumigation-free wooden boxes, and logistics andTransportationare arranged according to customer requirements.


1) Warranty time: Our product warranty time is 12 months.

2)Installation consultation:In order to better ensure the normal operation of the product and answer questions raised by users in a timely manner, our engineers can provide technical consultation services such as installation and maintenance during the installation and use of the product.

3)Satisfaction survey: The company has special personnel responsible for receiving and collecting user complaints and consultation information to ensure that the requirements and problems raised by users can be dealt with in a timely manner, and the processing conditions are tracked. Regularly conduct satisfaction surveys to users, and establish user files to record product usage, so as to provide a basis for future product quality improvement. We will continue to work hard, keep improving, and provide customers with satisfactory products and services.

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