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Ladle turntable
Utilizing our expertise in bearings and bearing units, seals, lubrication systems, electromechanics and services, we are committed to the research and development of bearing materials and bearing structures to improve the working life and reliability of bearings. Suitable for bearings manufactured by various technologies to meet customer needs, including heat treatment technology, higher reliability, material technology under muddy working conditions, greater endurance under heavy load conditions, and optimized design technology , Longer service life.
Stacker and reclaimer
Strict working conditions and market conditions, therefore, in the bearing environment, "heavy load + impact load", "light load + high-speed rotation", "heavy load + low-speed rotation" are very harsh conditions for the bearing. a lot of. Therefore, the bearings that users desire are products with robustness, durability and high reliability that can withstand these harsh working conditions.
Construction machinery
The heavy construction machinery industry uses a series of different types of highly specialized mobile machinery. These heavy-duty machinery work in the harshest environments and require continuous low-friction work without reducing load capacity and minimum assembly and adjustment time. Luoyang Jiawei Bearing Co., Ltd. is tailor-made for users, and solves the problem of bearing heating caused by vibratory rollers due to large excitation force and high vibration frequency and continuous operation. The problem of premature failure due to burns. This series of products has successfully provided supporting services to many well-known construction machinery manufacturers at home and abroad.
Port/Wind Power Ship Machinery
Hoisting and transporting machinery is characterized by intermittent movement, and each machinery is often in the working state of starting, braking and forward and reverse rotation. Although its operating speed is not high, it often carries heavy loads and is corroded by dust or sea water for a long time. Continuous work in harsh environments requires the equipment to be efficient, continuous, stable, reliable, easy to maintain, and long life. Correspondingly, requirements for low speed, heavy load, high reliability and long life are put forward for the supporting bearings. At present, bearings are mainly used in gearboxes, traveling mechanisms, hoisting mechanisms, luffing mechanisms, slewing mechanisms, etc.
Solar energy
LYJW solar solutions aim to improve product efficiency and reduce power generation costs, thereby supporting the global green environmental protection plan. LYJW can help improve the efficiency of the sun tracking system. In order to meet the needs of personalized solar energy use, these systems can accurately track the sun throughout its life cycle, in any season, from sunrise to sunset, and at endless ages.
Machinery Automation
Industrial robot bearings mainly include two categories: one is thin section bearings, and the other is crossed cylindrical roller bearings. In addition, there are harmonic reducer bearings, linear roller bearings, and joint bearings. LYJW bearings have large carrying capacity, good rigidity, high rotation accuracy and easy installation.
Medical machinery
Medical equipment bearings-lubrication-free, clean room compatible, resistant to media, non-corrosive, and low noise-these are important standards for medical equipment components. Lyjw bearings have the characteristics of high speed, high precision, high rigidity, low vibration, low noise and low maintenance.
Wind power
The application characteristics of fan bearings are continuous, high-speed operation, the bearings are prone to heat, and there are extremely strict requirements on the noise of the bearings. In response to the operation requirements of the fan industry, LYJW bearings adopt a special design and developed a series of special bearings for fans. It not only meets the noise requirements of the fan industry on the bearing, but also greatly improves the service life of the bearing on the fan. And according to the special requirements of customers, we can produce high-temperature bearings and high-precision bearings.
Playground Equipment
Bearings manufactured by Luoyang Jiawei have long service life, good reliability, and easy adjustment and maintenance.
Military radar
Radar is an electronic device that uses electromagnetic waves to detect targets. It is mainly used to bear radial loads. However, when the radial clearance of the bearing is increased, it has a certain performance of angular contact ball bearings and can bear combined radial and axial loads. The bearings produced by Luoyang Jiawei have the characteristics of low friction coefficient, high speed and long life. It has many cooperative enterprises to enable users to improve efficiency and save costs.
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